The Blonde Kidnapper


The Blonde Kidnapper

Once upon a time a Blonde was hard up for money.  
She was too much of a blonde to think of something logical to do, 
so she decided to kidnap a child for ransom. 

So the next day she went to a nearby playground and when nobody was looking, she pulled a random kid behind a tree and said, "You're kidnapped, so be quiet and don't give me any trouble." The little boy, too startled to do anything stood there in shock. The Blonde then pulled out a note that read:

"I am a desperate Blonde hard up for money. I have kidnapped you kid and if you ever want to see him again you arrange for 5,000 dollars in non-sequencial, unmarked bills to be put next to this tree by 12:00 tonight, or else."

She handed the note to the kid and told him to give it to his mother. The next day the Blonde found the bag of money next to the tree. Inside the bag was a little note that read:

"Here is the money.  How could you do this to a fellow Blonde?"


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