Funny Jokes - Getting Rid of the Cat


Getting Rid of the Cat!

Harry really hated his old lady's cat. So he put it in the car and drove twenty blocks away and dropped it off. Just as he pulled in the driveway, he noticed the cat sitting on the porch. The next day he decided he would take the cat 40 blocks away and drop it off.  But again, the cat found it's way home. Each day he kept going further and further away, but the cat would always find it's way home.

Harry was so furious that he decided to take the cat a few miles away, turned right, then left, circled around, then right again, another right, backtracked a couple of blocks, then left again. Harry then dropped the cat off.

Hours later, he called his wife on the phone, "Honey, is the cat there?"

 "Yeah, she answers." "Why?"

Harry replies, "Put the freaking cat on the phone. I'm lost and I need directions!"


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