You have found the ultimate funny joke and funny funpages index.  You will find thousands of funny jokes and funny pictures here.  It is the ultimate humor archive for funny greeting cards, funpages,  and all funny blonde jokes, redneck jokes, people jokes, sports jokes, political jokes, men jokes, women jokes, animal jokes, job jokes, office jokes, yo mama jokes, tame jokes, racy jokes, cheesy jokes, short jokes, lawyer jokes, doctor jokes, college jokes, computer jokes, teacher jokes, relationship jokes, new jokes, fart jokes, bar jokes, and just about every category of jokes you can think of.  We have only the funniest of the funny jokes and our jokes are guaranteed to be funnier than any other humor website that provides funny pictures and funny jokes.  So prepare to laugh and be amazed at our selection of jokes.


First, for the tame jokes and G rated funpages:

Magic Card Trick Funpage - This is a Flash animated practical joke prank to play on your friends.
Redneck 911 Joke- This is a hilarious redneck joke about two rednecks on a hunting trip.
Silent Farts Joke- This joke is about a guy who lets silent farts. It's a hilarious fart joke.
Full of Crap Funpage- This joke has a funny moral.  It's a very witty joke about a bird and a pile of poo.
She Was So Blonde Funpage- This is a blonde funpage that makes fun of blondes, kind of like a "Yo Mama" joke page.
Fart Your Guts Out Joke- This fart joke is also a holiday joke. It's about a guy farting his guts out on Thanksgiving.
Farmer and the Cow Joke- This is a funny farmer joke about a farmer and a cow that get in an awkward situation.
Lipstick on Mirror Funny Story- This is a funny story about girls kissing the mirror in their school.
The Perfect Date for You Prank- This is a funny card to send your friends.  It's an insulting card with a funny picture.
Red Riding Hood Joke- This is a funny remake of the Little Red Riding Hood story. This funpage has a hilarious ending.
Heavenly Rewards Joke- This is a funny joke about a man and his wife when they get to heaven.
The Speeding Ticket- This is a funny joke about a guy trying to get out of a speeding ticket.  It's very funny.
Why I Am So Tired Funpage- This funpage is hilarious.  Your friends will get a kick out of its humor.
Money in the Casket Joke- This is a funny funeral joke about money in the casket.
The Hearing Aid Joke- This is an old person joke about elderly women discussing their hearing aids, very funny.
The Devoted Wife Joke- This is a husband and wife joke with a twist at the end.
The Blonde Swimmer Joke- Blonde joke about blonde swimmers doing the breast stroke.
The Blonde Deputy Joke - Blonde Joke about blondes wanting to be deputy sheriffs, funny police joke.
Only Two Parachutes Joke - Funny Joke about the smartest man in the world.
Blonde on a Diet Joke - funny blonde joke about a blonde who goes on a diet and has a misunderstanding.
Redneck, No More Children Joke - funny redneck joke about rednecks and birth control.
Redneck Nativity Scene Joke - funny redneck joke about rednecks misinterpreting the Bible
A Really Deep Hole Joke - funny animal joke about a goat who falls into a hole
Don't Talk to My Parrot Joke - funny joke about a repairman and his funny mishap with a parrot
Every Last Drop Joke - funny fruit joke about a lemon
Blonde Ice Fishing Joke - funny dumb blonde joke, a blonde goes ice fishing at an ice skating rink
Beautiful and Stupid Joke - funny gender joke about men and women
The Tampax Incident Funny Story - funny tampon story about a mishap at a convenient store over the intercom
The Angry Blonde Joke - funny dumb blonde joke about an upset blonde
How to Treat a Rude Customer Funpage - funny real story about handling a rude customer on the phone, computer joke
Shove It Joke - funny story about a pharmacist having a really bad day, very amusing
Bad Pick Up Lines Funpage - funny Flash funpage about bad pickup lines not working at a bar
The Perfect Dress - funny wedding joke about an ex-wife getting revenge on  her ex-husband's new young wife
Short and Cheesy Jokes - a collection of dumb, short and simple cheesy jokes
Texan Farmer Joke - funny Texan Joke about Texans and farmers
Granny at Church Joke - funny church joke about Granny selecting hymns and selecting "hims" instead
Halloween Jokes - an amusing collection of hilarious Halloween jokes and funny puns about the holiday
The Lucky Frog Joke - funny political joke about former President Bill Clinton playing golf
The Perfect Couple Joke - funny relationship joke about men and women and Santa Claus
Blonde & the Circle Joke - funny blonde joke about a dumb blonde who is ordered to stand in a circle
The Poor Blonde Joke - funny blonde joke about a blonde down on her luck
Fast Turtle Joke - funny bar joke about a man and his turtle
The Brunette & the Genie Joke - funny joke about brunettes instead of blondes, a three wishes joke
Shiny-Walled Box Thingie Joke - a funny joke about a confused Amish man who sees an elevator for the first time
Blonde Parking Joke - funny blonde joke about a confused blonde who hears a radio announcement
3 Brothers, 3 Beers Joke - funny joke about a brother drinking beers in honor of his other brothers
Your Baby Photo Prank - funny practical joke to play on your friends with a hilarious baby picture at the end
The Lost Chapter of Genesis Joke - funny Bible joke about Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden
The Intuitive Drunk Joke - funny joke about a drunk in a grocery store
The Easiest to Operate On Joke - funny doctor joke about surgeons operating on politicians
Sherlock Holmes & Dr. Watson Joke - funny Sherlock Holmes Joke where he outwits Dr. Watson
Old Woman Fights Back Joke - hilarious fart joke about granny foiling three beautiful models
The Successful Smuggler Joke - funny joke about a Mexican smuggler outwitting the border patrol
Redneck Babies Joke - funny joke about dumb rednecks having babies
Redneck Computer Geek Funpage - amusing funpage about rednecks, You might be a redneck computer geek if...
A Mother's Tale Joke - funny joke about a mother getting presents from her three sons
What Gandhi Was Joke - funny play on words - supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
51 Days Joke - funny dumb blonde joke about blondes solving a jigsaw puzzle
The Parrot at the Auction Joke - funny joke about a parrot bidding against a guy at an auction
Funny Redneck Stuff Funpage - funpage filled with funny redneck stuff
Granny in the Elevator Joke - Flash version of the funny farting granny funpage
Blondes with Car Trouble Joke - funny dumb blonde joke about blondes and their vehicle
The Big E-mail Mistake Joke - funny joke about an unfortunate situation
Computer Problems Joke  - real life funny story about a dumb person and their computer calling tech support
When Cinderella Got Old Joke - funny joke about Cinderella, Fairy God Mother, and her cat
Hanging On to Dear Life Joke - funny gender joke about a woman outsmarting nine men
Blonde Kidnapping Joke - a dumb blonde joke about a dumb blonde kidnapper
Blonde: Coke Machine Joke - dumb blonde joke about a blonde putting money into a vending machine
Blonde & The Puzzle Joke - funny joke about a dumb blonde thinking her cereal was a jigsaw puzzle
Funny Ghost Joke - hilarious joke about a drunk, a pooping incident, and some sheets
Blonde at Doc's Office Joke - hilarious dumb blonde joke about a blonde with a hurt finger
Blonde Horseback Riding Joke - hilarious dumb blonde joke about a blonde on a ride at Wal-Mart
Blonde Detectives Joke - funny joke about dumb blondes wanting to be detectives
Let's Dance Joke - short joke about a man asking a woman to dance and getting shot down
Good Natured Bible Jokes - G rated jokes about popular Biblical characters
The Old Man's Physical Joke - funny joke about an old man peeing in the fridge
Irish Knock Knock Joke - funny holiday knock knock joke about St. Patrick's Day
A Bunch of Davids Joke - funny joke about a mother and her sons, all named David
Doctors and Lawyers Joke - Flash joke about doctors and lawyers talking about billing customers
The Cop and the Juggler Joke - funny joke about a guy getting pulled over on the side of the road
When It's Time to Go Home Joke - classic joke about a drunk husband and the picture of his wife
Redneck on the Jury Joke - funny redneck joke about a redneck getting selected for the jury
Doctor Terminology Funpage - funny funpage about terms doctors use
The Blonde Prison Break Joke - funny blond joke about women breaking out of the pen
The Blonde Cop Joke - funny dumb blonde joke about a blonde getting pulled over by a blonde cop
Choking on a Chicken Bone Joke - funny redneck joke about rednecks applying the hind-lick maneuver
Rednecks in the Graveyard Joke - funny redneck joke about rednecks misinterpreting a sign in the graveyard
Blonde: State Capitols Funpage - funny blonde funpage about blondes trying to name state capitols
Sunday School Joke - tame G rated joke about a kid in Sunday School
Three Little Piggies Joke - funny joke about 3 pigs ordering at a restaurant, funny ending
12 Reasons to Laugh Funpage - good hearted funpage about why you should be happy and laugh
Man Buying Tampons Funpage - funny story about a man not wanting to buy tampons for his wife
Moron Jokes - funny funpage with a collection of You Might Be a Moron If... lines
The Fishing Trip Joke - funny joke about a man getting caught lying by his wife who tricks him
Blonde & the Speed Limit Joke - funny blonde joke about a blonde misinterpreting street signs
Your Zipper is Down Joke - funny joke about a guy with his fly open
Bubba's New Toilet Brush Joke - funny redneck joke about a redneck who wins a Wal-Mart raffle
Bra Sizes Funpage - hilarious funpage about the different sizes of women's bras
Blonde and Blue Joke - this dumb blonde joke is actually about a dumb male blonde at church





And now, for the PG rated college humor jokes and funpages:

  Beer Makes Us Smart Funpage - funny funpage about how drinking kills off all the bad brain cells
Sperm Count Joke - funny joke with a twist at the end, about an old man giving a sperm sample
Redneck Newlyweds Joke - funny redneck joke about rednecks being asked about petroleum jelly
Fart Football Joke - hilarious joke about a man and wife farting in bed and at one point sharting in bed
The Big Date Joke - very funny joke about an embarrassing predicament a guy finds himself in with a girl's farther at the dinner table
Funny Diary Entry Funpage - funny diary entry about a man getting the best of his wife
Bad, But It Could Be Worse Joke - funny joke about the milkman's affair with the mom
The Science Experiment Joke - funny school joke about Little Johnny and his experiment with worms
Lost Dr. Seuss Tongue Twister Funpage Prank - hilarious prank to play on your friends with the secret code in this funny tongue twister
Redneck Jedi Funpage funny redneck and star wars joke, you might be a redneck Jedi if....
When Statues Come to Life Joke - funny joke with an unexpected twist at the end.  This joke fools all those who have a dirty mind
When Blondes Buy Deodorant Joke dumb blonde joke about a blonde sent to buy deodorant
Lesson Learned Funny Story - funny story about a man getting tested by his fiancé's mother
Redneck and the Fancy Car Joke - funny redneck joke about a confused redneck who thinks golf tees are some sort of ball holder
A Mean Trick Joke funny bar joke about Superman playing a prank on a drunk at the bar
Ready... Aim... Fire Joke - a blonde joke about a blonde's dumb decision when facing a firing squad
Wife Who Wanted Implants Joke - funny comeback from a husband when his wife says she wants to buy boob implants
The Perfect Couple Joke - Flash animated cartoon version of the perfect woman, perfect man joke
Picking Up Chicks Joke - hilarious play on words about a hung horse picking up chicks, this is one of my favorite jokes that always makes me laugh; it's full of puns
The SH*T Funpage - This funpage is all about the word SH*T, it is hilarious, yo will laugh till you cry
I'm Not Drunk Funpage - This hilarious funpage details a drunk's perception of things as he keeps drinking and keeps getting drunker
The Old Man Joke - this funny joke is about an old man who is dating a young woman who is pregnant
Mr. Bear & Mr. Rabbit Joke - funny joke about a bear and a rabbit, don't read it if you are gay
Female Marketing Funpage - amusing fun page about the internet, marketing, and women
Captured by Cannibals Joke - humorous joke about funny things people have to do when they are captured by cannibals
Three Moles Joke - funny joke with a great pun at the end, funny play on words
$500 to Drop Your Towel Joke - funny joke about a man repaying his debt and getting a free peak at his buddy's wife because of his sly tactics
How to Impress Men & Women Fun Page - hilarious funpage about how little it takes to please a man
Life is Like a Jar of Jalapenos Joke - funny joke playing off of Forrest Gump's Life is Like a Box of Chocolates
The Day the Goldfish Died Joke - very funny joke, one of our favorites, has a surprise ending
What is Politics? Joke - quite possibly the funniest political joke I've ever heard
The Bull Auction Joke - funny joke about a man and his wife at a bull auction, very funny
The Redneck Poet Joke - funny redneck joke about a redneck who wins a poetry contest
The Deadly Affair Joke - a funny political joke about three men dying and going to heaven, Bill Clinton makes an appearance in this joke
Single Women Can't Fart Joke - women seem to love this joke for some reason, very funny fart joke
Blonde at the Elmo Factory Joke - funny blonde joke about a blonde who works in an Elmo factory and gets confused about where to sew the parts
3 Worst Chinese Tortures Joke - funny joke about the three worst Chinese tortures
Dr. Seuss on Aging Funpage - Dr. Seuss funpage about getting older, very funny
A Great Retirement Present Joke - retirement joke about a postman who retires and a wife who misinterprets her husband's instructions about what kind of gift to give him
Man & His Wife Joke - funny joke about a married couple not getting along
Offensive Collection of Jokes - funny jokes to offend anyone
A Clucking Fue Fun Page - funpage about a funny play on words to basically tell somebody they don't have a clucking fue
Sparrow & Crap Funpage - funpage with a funny moral of the story, lots of puns
Bull Crap Funpage - another funny moral funpage with lots of puns and plays on words
French Joke - if you like making fun of the French, you will like this joke
What Women Want More Joke - funny joke about what women want more than anything
Monkeys and Work Joke - funny office joke about coworkers, management and the workplace
Why I Fired My Secretary Joke hilarious birthday joke about a man and his secretary on his birthday
The Karate Chop Joke - funny bar joke about a little guy getting picked on in a bar
The Test Results Joke - very funny joke about a misunderstanding at a hospital
Redneck Family Tree Joke - funny redneck poem about the intertwined relationships of rednecks
Yo Mama's So Stupid Funpage - funpage explaining why Yo Mama is So Stupid
Bungee Jumping Business Joke - funny joke about two guys learning what a piñata is the hard way
Spelling to Get Into Heaven Joke - funny joke about a man trying to get into heaven and his wife preventing him from doing so
Three Old Men Joke - amusing old age joke about three men discussing the woes of getting older
The Duct Tape Incident Joke - funny joke explaining why you can't use duct tape for everything
Sitting Behind Nuns Joke - funny nun joke about two nuns getting the best of some heckling guys at a ballgame

And now for the funny funpages and funny greeting cards:

We Always Have a Blast Funpage - Flash animated funny farting greeting card about two guys lighting farts
If You Drank Too Much Water Funpage - hilarious funny picture about what would happen if a woman drank too much water
OH CRAP!! - Flash animated funpage about a guy on the toilet who just ran out of toilet paper, hilarious
Big Wacky, Goofy Smile Funpage - Flash animated funpage that tries to get people to smile by showing them different types of smileys
A Dark and Stormy Night Funpage - hilarious Flash funpage that keeps you in suspense and has a surprise ending
Mind Boggling Trick - Flash animated mind trick that will amaze you and keep you wondering how it works
Small Balls Funpage - this funny funpage explains why corporate executives have smaller balls
Cool Person Test Funpage - this funpage is a prank you can pull on your friends
New Alcohol Warnings Funpage - this funpage lists new funny alcohol warning labels
Do You Know Jack Schitt? - this funpage is one of our favorites, the hilarious biography of Jack Schitt
Hard to Do Trick - this funny trick will stump you and have you wondering why you can't do it
Really Stupid Laws Funpage - this funpage lists real life laws that are absurd
Don't Over Do It! - this funpage ends with an unexpected ending and a funny picture
Get Back to Work - hilarious greeting card funpage telling lazy day dreaming morons to get back to work
Help Weed Out the Terrorists - this funpage tries to get women to take their tops off
Are You a Butthead? - funpage and funny picture asking people if they are a butthead and telling them what buttheads do
10 Things Men Know About Women Funpage funny top 10 list about what men know about women
Advantages of Getting Old Funpage funpage listing the hilarious benefits of getting old
Speaking Chinese Funpage funny pronunciations of Chinese words
Four Easy Questions Quiz funpage to see how dumb you are
World's Funniest Babies Funpages - Flash ecard with the world's funniest baby pictures
Funny Bumper Stickers - collection of the funniest bumper stickers found on cars
Before & After 6 Beers - funpage about what a man sees before and after getting drunk
Funny Chinese Proverbs Funpage - hilarious puns and plays on words
Funny Church Signs Funpage - funny collection of humorous church signs
Ridiculous Quotes - collection of funny and ridiculous quotes made by celebrities
The Moonin' Smilie - Flash animated funny greeting card with a Smiley who moons you
New Words for the Workplace funpage with office humor about the workplace
The Guide for All Men Funpage funny funpage with a men's guide to understanding women
Bad Day? Flash funpage about a fish having a really bad day
Thought I'd Drop You a Line Funpage - Flash animated hello funpage
Evolution of Man & Woman Funpage - funny depictions of the evolution of men and women
Chick with Big Knockers Prank - funny Flash prank with a surprise ending
Funny Optical Illusion funny picture that men and women will see differently
Rude & in a Bad Mood Funpage funny picture of someone in a bad mood
Politically Correct Gossip Funpage funpage with politically correct ways to gossip about people
When Men Drink Too Much... hilarious funny picture of a man who drinks too much beer and a woman who drinks too much water
Cute Pets Gallery funpage of funny pictures of cute and adorable pets
Outrageous Court Cases - funny funpage about amusing real life court cases
How I Feel Today Funpage - a funpage expressing how we all feel sometimes
If Women Made Calendars - funny funpage about what all calendars would look like if women were in charge of them, plenty of funny pictures
What a Rack! Or is it? funpage about a guy mistaking a butt crack for a nice rack
Endless Riddles Fun Page - funpage containing hundreds of fun riddles
All About Farts Funpage - excellent Flash animated cartoon funpage with different funny scenes for each farting situation, details all the major fart categories, this is a five star funny Flash cartoon
Granny's Saggy Boobs this Flash animated funny joke features Granny strutting her stuff on the dance floor with her saggy boobs flopping everywhere; this ecard is truly hilarious
Waiting for the Perfect Man Funpage - funny picture of a skeleton of a woman still waiting for the perfect man to show up
You Grew Up in the 80's If... - this funny funpage is all about things we used to watch, do, and wear back in the good ole 1980's, you'll get a kick out of it
Old Man's Job Application funpage depicting an actual job application filled out at Wal-Mart by an honest old man, very amusing
Why Men Sleep So Much - humorous Flash funpage answering the question of why men sleep so much; it shows the man's funny dream
Are You Still There? - funpage about when friends don't email each other back in a while
Mad Cow Disease Funpage - this funpage lists signs your cow may have Mad Cow Disease
Men Put Downs Funpage - funny funpage about cheap shots at men in general
My Boss Funpage - funny funpage about your boss
Men, Beer, Women Funpage - funny joke about men turning into women after drinking too much
Broken Down Funpage - funny story about an old man, an old woman, a stranger and balls showing
Beer Drinkers Funpage - funpage about chicken soup for the beer drinker
Write Your Own Story Funpage funpage allowing you to write your own story be filling in questions, the story is then generated and is usually very funny, similar to Mad Libs
The Fart Poem - funny classic poem about letting a fart
Chris Rock Quote - funny quote about the world today by hilarious comedian Chris Rock
NUTS About You Greeting Card - funny greeting card with a squirrel who has very large nuts
Snowball Fight 2005 fun Flash animated funpage that allows you to throw a snowball at your friends
The Procrastinator Funpage - funny funpage about procrastinating
You Know You're Broke Funpage - funpage with signs that you are out of money
The Biggest Moron Ever Funpage - funny prank to play on your moron friends
Optical Illusions Funpage - fun optical illusion pictures
Optical Illusions Vol. 2 more fun optical illusions
Only in America Funpage funny things found only in America
Chocolate is a Vegetable Funpage funny funpage explaining why chocolate can be considered a vegetable
Chinese Baby Joke funny joke about a Chinese couple giving birth to a Caucasian child
Things My Mom Taught Me Funpage funny funpage about all the things a mother teaches her children
You're Out of College when... funny signs indicating you are no longer in college
Fruits and Personalities Funpage funpage showing the different personality types based on fruit preference
Doctor Terminology Funpage - fun spin on words doctors use
Ways to Annoy Coworkers Funpage funny ways you can annoy people you work with, office humor
Punish Me Funpage Flash funpage appropriate it you're saying you're sorry
My Cat Ate My Mouse Ecard Flash greeting card with a funny twist
Pointless Flash funpage, funny friendship card
Crunches Build Honkers Funny Picture funny picture about a woman with ridiculously large honkers doing sit-ups
The Biggest Smile Ever fun Flash animated smiley ecard, friendship greeting card
Tweety Needs Some Help Funpage funpage about Tweety Bird trying to behave
Let's Have Some Beers Funpage  fun Flash greeting card inviting friends to have some beers
What PMS Stands For Funpage funpage about what P.M.S. really stands for, very funny
Hilarious Pets Gallery funny collection of hilarious animal and pet photos, tons of funny pics here
Funny Marriage Quotes funpage listing funny quotes about marriage and getting married
Have You Wondered Why? funpage with a collection of mind boggling funny thoughts about the world
Play a Prank on Your Friends creative funpage that will have your friends breaking their necks trying to read the text on the screen in this funny greeting card
Amazing Sand Castles funpage with funny pics and amazing pics of hand made sand castles
If Friends were Boogers funny Flash animated friendship greeting card
A Real Brain Teaser Funpage a funpage for the mind, test your brain with this funpage
Real Brain Stumpers Funpage funpage for your mind, see if you can solve these brain teasers
The Backside of a Smiley Funpage Flash animated funpage about what the back side of a Smiley face looks like, a popular smiley greeting card
Snappy Comebacks Funpage funpage with a collection of snappy comebacks people have thrown at each other
17 more Awesome Redneck Pics funpage with a collection of funny redneck pictures
A Barrel of Laughs Funpage Flash animated cartoon that is sure to make you laugh and smile, very fun
You Really Turn Me On funny Flash greeting card, funny flirting greeting card
Slap Your Coworker Day funpage - office humor, free permission to slap your coworker
Life Stinks Without You funny missing you greeting card
Before It Starts Joke funpage about a man and his nagging wife
Weird & Crazy Facts funpage about weird and crazy facts that are really true but you would never expect it
Who Understands Men? funpage about the mysteries of understanding men, very humorous funpage
Jocks vs. Nerds Funpage this funpage compares the greatest nerd with the greatest jock, nerds win!
A Day Off Funpage office humor funpage about an employee who wants a day off from work
Hilarious History, 1500s Funpage hilarious funpage about how modern day terms came to be
Dang Women Drivers Funpage ironic funny funpage about what all women do while driving cars
Crazy Colors Funpage for the mind funpage, colors aren't what the seem, your brain tricks you
The Mind Reader Funpage this funpage will read your mind, this trick works on most everyone
Fart Just Once... fart humor, funny funpage about farting, funny picture
Dumb Sports Quotes Funpage this funpage has classic dumb quotes from athletes
Brains of Males & Females funpage examining the differences in the male and female brains
Different Interpretations Funpage gender humor comparing how men and women interpret words and phrases
Really Annoying Funpage this fun page shows you how you can drive other people crazy, very funny
It's Great to Be a Guy Funpage gender humor comparing women and men
Prison's Not So Bad Funpage fun page comparing work to prison, prison seems like a better deal
Crossword for Blondes funpage with a one question crossword puzzle for blondes
The Crappy Date funny true story, hilarious, dating humor
The Stupid Test funpage quizzing you on supposedly easy questions, very funny
We Could Learn a lot from Crayons Funpage interesting way of comparing us to crayons, fun funpage
Explaining who God is to a Child funny joke with a Michael Jackson twist at the end
A Little Sausage Joke funpage about women wanting to get a little sausage, extremely funny joke
Magical Wishing Well funny comic strip with a man turning into a woman
Ultimate Redneck Collection funpage with over twenty hilarious redneck pictures
The Senility Prayer funpage about going senile, old age joke
Cute Donkey Peace Offering funny Flash animated apology greeting card
Always Chase Your Dreams funny Flash greeting card
Proof that Girls are Evil funpage explaining why females are evil in nature, very funny
How Red is Your Neck? redneck funpage allowing you to see if you are a redneck or not
Ancient Japanese Proverb funpage with Japanese humor
Revenge of the Cheated On funpage with funny pictures of wives who have been cheated on getting revenge on their husbands
Hilarious Bush vs. Kerry! hilarious Flash political funpage when Bush took on Kerry in the first presidential debate
Measuring Success Funpage funny depiction of how we measure success differently at different stages of our lives, old age humor
The Old Days Funpage funny funpage about life in the old days
I Found You a Hot Date funny prank with a funny picture of a funny old man wearing a Wal-Mart bag
Pie in the Face Funpage Flash funpage allows you to throw a pie with your friends' names on it into their screens, very amusing
I'm in the Mood funny Flash animated cartoon of a cow who is in the moooooooood
How Dumb Are You? funpage allowing you to see how dumb you are, very fun
Have You Been This Tired? funpage with multiple funny pictures of people in funny positions while sleeping
The Fortune Teller Prank hilarious prank funpage where a fortune teller tells off your friends
Are You Gonna Email Me? funny ecard with a funny picture of a baby who looks ticked off
May the Farts Be With You funny fart humor, a Star Wars cartoon remake with a farting Yoda and farting Storm Troopers
Throw a Water Balloon fun Flash funpage that allows you to splat your friends with a water balloon.

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