They Mythed It



They "Mythed" It

There's some Myth-understanding about God's precious Word,
For some have Mythed the fact that it's inspired by the Lord.
They Mythed the story of creation that God caused to be wrote,
They may believe in Noah, but they certainly Mythed his boat.


They Mythed the walls of Jericho that crumbled to the ground,
And never would admit they fell by being walked around.
They Mythed Elijah's ravens and Mythed his fiery ride,
Which took him up to Heaven before he ever died.


No doubt they Mythed Goliath when they mentioned David's sling,
And Balaam's donkey talking!!! They laughed as they Mythed him.
You'd never think they'd Myth a whale because of it's great size,
But Jonah swallowed by a whale to them is only lies.


There's much Myth-quoting of God's word when reading Daniel's book,
They Myth the fiery furnace without a second look,
And then the Den of Lions where Daniel should have died,
They say it never happened, and it's very Mythed-stified.


And that's not all they Mythed my friend, they Mythed the virgin birth,
They Mythed HIM as the Son of God and all HIS glorious worth.
His miracles are mostly Mythed, they hardly cause reflection,
Without a trace of wise regret, they Myth the resurrection.


Can we then trust this modern thought that takes God's word so true,
And Myth-interpret much of it to give us something new?
Ah, no! We must not fall a prey to such a lie my friend,
And live our lives quite Myth-informed and miss Heaven in the end.