Optical Illusions Vol. 2



Optical Illusions Vol. 2


Is the book facing towards you.... or away from you?



Is this a man playing a horn... or a woman's silhouette?

(hint: woman's right eye is the black speck by the horn's handle)



Is this the face of a Native American.... or is it an Eskimo facing the other way?



Is this a duck... or a rabbit?

(hint: the rabbit is facing right and the duck is facing left)



Is this two faces looking at each other...

or is it one face looking at you behind a candle?



Is this an old woman or a young girl?

(hint: the young girl's nose and chin is the old woman's nose)



Is this a woman looking into a vanity mirror... or is it a skull?

(hint: move backwards and blink to see the different images)



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