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Smiley Cards

A Big, Goofy, Wacky Smile!

Because You Smiled

The Backside of a Smiley

Big Cheesy Smile

The Moonin' Smilie

Have a Great Day

Me Without You

.Thanks for Making Me Smile

Smile, I'm Thinking About You

Keep Smiling Always

Words to Live By

Smile - It Brightens the World

The Biggest Smile Ever

Funny Thoughts

A Smile On Your Face

A Barrel of Laughs

Kisses and Smileys



Friendship Cards

Thanks, My Friend

We Need Friends

I Can Always Count on Our Friendship

You'd Shine the Brightest

With Sprinkles of Love

I'd Do Anything for You

If Friends were Flowers

You're Always There

Friends Like You Are Hard to Find

You Are Special

I Miss You When You're Not Around

I Found a Friend in You

I'll Always Be There for You

Your Biggest Fan

A Wonderful Friend

Are You Still There?

Being There for Each Other

You're So Hot!

I'd Be Lost Without You

A Friend Who Cares

Long Distance Friend

You Are My Friend

Did Anyone Ever Tell You...

Thank You Friend

If One Day...

I'm All Ears

You Are My Yarn

Just Wanted to Say Hi

The Glory of Friendship

Let Our Friendship Be an Example

Bosom Buddies

Thank You for Everything

You've Always Been So Thoughtful

Thank You for the Warmth You Bring

A Special Thank You

You Are Appreciated

Thinking of You with Love

Thanks for Being a True Friend

We Could Learn a lot from Crayons

Friends Like You

Miss Me?

Feeling Run Down?

A Good Friend will Pull You Up

You're Fun to Be Around

Hearing from You is Like...

Life Without You...

Forever Friends

Our Friendship is Priceless

Lucky to Have a Friend Like You

My Very Best Friend

Friends Forever

Hugs for You

Miss You, Jigsaw Puzzle

Friendship Garden

Thanks for Coloring My Life

A Hug from Me to You

Friends Like You Make Life Easy

Special Roses for a Special Person

Friends Always and Forever

Our Friendship is Like a Fine Wine

Kisses and Smileys

A Kiss from Me to You

Hi to My Very Best Friend

Good Morning!

Good Night

Thank You for Everything My Friend

Thanks a Bunch

Me and U Make a Great Pair

I Miss You This Much

Living in the Same Box

What Real Friends Do

The Most Important Person in My Life

You're Guilty of Friend Neglect

Thinking of You Makes Me Smile

A Rabbit Hug

Since I Met You

Thinking About U All the Time

Sending You Flowers

You My Friend Will Stay in My Heart Forever

I Love Hanging Out with You

Friendship Note

You Brighten My Life

All Alone Without You

It's Nice to Have Friends Like You

A Wonderful Friend

You Are the Best

The Hottest Thing Around

Friends in Many Shapes & Sizes

Friends - Cute Farm Animals

You're Always in My Thoughts

Remembering Good Times Together

Right Beside You

How Much You Mean to Me

Best of Friends

Dear Lord Please Bless My Friends

Friends Forever

Cute Lion Cubs

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