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Tame Jokes

Magic Card Trick

Short and Cheesy

Blonde Kidnapping

Redneck 911

Texan Farmer

Blonde: Coke Machine

Silent Farts

Granny at Church

Blonde & The Puzzle

Full of Crap

Halloween Jokes

Funny Ghost Joke

She Was So Blonde

The Lucky Frog

Blonde at Doc's Office

Fart Your Guts Out

The Perfect Couple

Blonde Horseback Riding

Farmer and the Cow

Blonde & the Circle

Blonde Detectives

Lipstick on Mirror

The Poor Blonde

Let's Dance

The Perfect Date for You

Fast Turtle

Good Natured Bible Jokes

Red Riding Hood

The Brunette & the Genie

The Old Man's Physical

Heavenly Rewards

Shiny-Walled Box Thingie

Irish Knock Knock Joke

The Speeding Ticket

Blonde Parking

A Bunch of Davids

Why I Am So Tired

3 Brothers, 3 Beers

Doctors and Lawyers

Money in the Casket

Your Baby Photo

The Cop and the Juggler

The Hearing Aid

The Lost Chapter of Genesis

When It's Time to Go Home

The Devoted Wife

The Intuitive Drunk

Redneck on the Jury

The Blonde Swimmer

The Easiest to Operate On

Doctor Terminology

The Blonde Deputy

Sherlock Holmes & Dr. Watson

The Blonde Prison Break

Only Two Parachutes

Old Woman Fights Back

The Blonde Cop

Blonde on a Diet

The Successful Smuggler

Choking on a Chicken Bone

Redneck, No More Children!

Redneck Babies

Rednecks in the Graveyard

Redneck Nativity Scene

Redneck Computer Geek

Blonde: State Capitols

A Really Deep Hole

A Mother's Tale

Sunday School Joke

Don't Talk to My Parrot

What Gandhi Was

Three Little Piggies

Every Last Drop

51 Days

12 Reasons to Laugh

Blonde Ice Fishing

The Parrot at the Auction

Man Buying Tampons

Beautiful and Stupid

Funny Redneck Stuff

Moron Jokes

The Tampax Incident

Granny in the Elevator

The Fishing Trip

The Angry Blonde

Blondes with Car Trouble

Blonde & the Speed Limit

How to Treat a Rude Customer

The Big E-mail Mistake

Your Zipper is Down

Shove It Up Your ...

Computer Problems

Bubba's New Toilet Brush

Bad Pick Up Lines

When Cinderella Got Old

Bra Sizes

The Perfect Dress

Hanging On to Dear Life

Blonde and Blue

The Blonde & the Trees

Near Death Experience Joke

Men Never Listen

Pig Drawing Test

Blonde Stranded on Island

Blonde's Day Out

104 Years Old

Grandma's Birth Control Pills

The Sensitive Redneck

20 Really Cheesy Jokes

40 Years Together

Never Angry in 60 Years

Getting Rid of the Cat

Who Should Get Custody?

The Dentist Appointment

A Blonde Watching the News

Short Blonde Jokes

It's Tough Getting Old

To Be Six Again

I Must Be Dead

Alligator Shoes

Jesus is Watching You

The Toilet Seat Incident

Running from the Cops

Women Are Evil By Nature

Never Tick Off a Nurse

Churches in Las Vegas

The Gross Bathroom Disaster

Clyde's Day in Court

They Grow 'em Big in Texas

The Pillsbury Doughboy Died

Would You Remarry?

Old Pastor's Last Request

Always Pay Attention

What Did the Doctor Say?

Three Brazilian Troops

Snap Dragons

Blonde Pregnant with Twins

Blonde Keys Locked in Car

The Hole in the Wall

The Lone Survivor

Roaches with Cancer

Losing Your Birthday

The Custody Joke

Blonde's Bad Day at Work

The Vacuum Salesman

Who's the Dummy?

We Haven't Had Any Lately

The Loud Mouth Wife


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PG Rated Jokes and College Humor

Beer Makes Us Smart

I'm Not Drunk!

Man & His Wife

Sperm Count

The Old Man

Offensive Collection

Redneck Newlyweds

Mr. Bear & Mr. Rabbit

A Clucking Fue

Fart Football

Female Marketing

Sparrow & Crap

The Big Date

Captured by Cannibals

Bull Crap

Funny Diary Entry

Three Moles

French Joke

Bad, But It Could Be Worse

$500 to Drop Your Towel

What Women Want More

The Science Experiment

How to Impress Men & Women

Monkeys and Work

Lost Dr. Seuss Tongue Twister

Life is Like a Jar of Jalapenos

Why I Fired My Secretary

Redneck Jedi

The Day the Goldfish Died

The Karate Chop

When Statues Come to Life

What is Politics?

The Test Results

When Blondes Buy Deodorant

The Bull Auction

Slightly Mature Pics

Lesson Learned

The Redneck Poet

Redneck Family Tree

Redneck and the Fancy Car

The Deadly Affair

Yo Mama's So Stupid...

A Mean Trick

Single Women Can't Fart

Bungee Jumping Business

Ready... Aim... Fire

Blonde at the Elmo Factory

Spelling to Get Into Heaven

Wife Who Wanted Implants

3 Worst Chinese Tortures

Three Old Men

The Perfect Couple

Dr. Seuss on Aging

The Duct Tape Incident

Picking Up Chicks

Bra Sizes

Sitting Behind Nuns

The SH*T Funpage

A Great Retirement Present

The Tree Expert Joke

Funny Bra Sizes

Redneck's Dog in Heat

The Slick Lawyer

Big Boobs Joke

Signs You Have Grown Up

The Indian and the White Man

Naming the Baby

Going to Town with a Donkey

Pulling a Fast One

Old Men Think Fast

Who Should Get Custody?

The Teddy Bear Collection

No Sissy Crap - True Friendship

PG Rated Tongue Twisters

Big Honkers Get You Hired

Pedro's First Day of School

Will I Live to Be 80?

Married for a Night

Old Couple's Medical Exam


Redneck and the Gorilla

Snoring Problems

Good Brother & Bad Brother

The Divorce Attorney

Eating Popsicles on the Balcony

Giving Up the Good Stuff

Four U.S. Presidents in Oz

A Really Bad Day

Men Strike Back

Staying Out Late

The Confused Mouse

Inseminating the Pigs

The Biting Dog

Worst Day of My Life

Trouble Getting It Off

Really Irate

Marine Knocks Out Atheist

Moving Up a Few Grades

Bob Would Never Cheat

Who's the Boss?

I Like Your Thinking

Granny Puts Viagra in the Coffee

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Funny Cards and FunPages

We Always Have a Blast

Magic Card Trick

Before It Starts

If You Drank Too Much Water

Why Men Sleep So Much

Weird & Crazy Facts


Are You Still There?

Your Biggest Fan

Big Wacky, Goofy Smile

Mad Cow Disease

Who Understands Men?

A Dark and Stormy Night

Men Put Downs

Jocks vs. Nerds

Mind Boggling Trick

My Boss

A Day Off

Small Balls

Men, Beer, Women

Hilarious History, 1500s

Cool Person Test

Broken Down

Dang Women Drivers

New Alcohol Warnings

Beer Drinkers

Crazy Colors

Do You Know Jack Schitt?

Write Your Own Story

The Mind Reader

Hard to Do

The Fart Poem

Fart Just Once...

Moods of Men & Women

Chris Rock Quote

Dumb Sports Quotes

Really Stupid Laws

NUTS About You

The Perfect Date for You

Don't Over Do It!

Snowball Fight 2005

Brains of Males & Females

Get Back to Work

The Procrastinator

Different Interpretations

Help Weed Out the Terrorists

You Know You're Broke

Redneck Humor

Are You a Butthead?

The Biggest Moron Ever

Really Annoying

10 Things Men Know

Optical Illusions

It's Great to Be a Guy

Advantages of Getting Old

Optical Illusions Vol. 2

Prison's Not So Bad

Speaking Chinese

Only in America

Crossword for Blondes

Four Easy Questions

Get Over It

The Crappy Date

World's Funniest Babies

What Women Want More

The Stupid Test

Funny Bumper Stickers

Your Baby Photo

Easter Egg Hunt

Before & After 6 Beers

Why I Am So Tired

How to Impress Men & Women

Words to Live By

Chocolate is a Vegetable

We Could Learn a lot from Crayons

Funny Chinese Proverbs

Chinese Baby Joke

Your Baby Photo

Funny Church Signs

Things My Mom Taught Me

Monkeys and Work

The Cop and the Juggler

Lost Dr. Seuss Tongue Twister (PG)

Explaining who God is to a Child

Ridiculous Quotes

The Lost Chapter of Genesis

Life is Like a Jar of Jalapenos (PG)

The Moonin' Smilie

Why I Fired My Secretary

When It's Time to Go Home

The Devoted Wife

You're Out of College when...

A Little Sausage

New Words for the Workplace

Fruits and Personalities

Out of Toilet Paper

The Blonde Swimmer

Doctor Terminology

Magical Wishing Well

The Redneck Jedi

Slightly Offensive Pics (PG)

Ultimate Redneck Collection

The Guide for All Men

Ways to Annoy Coworkers

The Senility Prayer

Slightly Mature Pics (PG)

Punish Me

Cute Donkey Peace Offering

Bad Day?

My Cat Ate My Mouse

Always Chase Your Dreams

Thought I'd Drop You a Line


Lesson Learned (PG)

Evolution of Man & Woman

Crunches Build Honkers

Proof that Girls are Evil

More Weird & Amazing Facts

Yo Mama's So Stupid... (PG)

How Red is Your Neck?

Chick with Big Knockers Prank

The Biggest Smile Ever

Ancient Japanese Proverb

Funny Optical Illusion

Tweety Needs Some Help

Revenge of the Cheated On

Rude & in a Bad Mood (PG)

Bad Eyes (PG)

Lunar Antics Weekly Comics

Politically Correct Gossip

Let's Have Some Beers

Hilarious Bush vs. Kerry!

Single Women Can't Fart (PG)

What PMS Stands For

Measuring Success

What Gandhi Was

Miss You, Jigsaw Puzzle

12 Reasons to Laugh

When Men Drink Too Much...

Hilarious Pets Gallery

Funny Thoughts

Cute Pets Gallery

Funny Marriage Quotes

The Old Days

Outrageous Court Cases

Have You Wondered Why?

You Really Turn Me On

Funny Redneck Stuff

Play a Prank on Your Friends

I Found You a Hot Date

How I Feel Today

Amazing Sand Castles

Pie in the Face

If Women Made Calendars

If Friends were Boogers

I'm in the Mood

What a Rack! Or is it?

A Real Brain Teaser

How Dumb Are You?

Endless Riddles

Real Brain Stumpers

Have You Been This Tired?

All About Farts

The Backside of a Smiley

The Fortune Teller

Granny's Saggy Boobs

17 more Awesome Redneck Pics

Curveball Game

Granny in the Elevator

Snappy Comebacks

Are You Gonna Email Me?

Waiting for the Perfect Man

A Barrel of Laughs

A Crick in the Neck

Do You Like Big Knockers?

You Really Turn Me On

May the Farts Be With You

You Grew Up in the 80's If...

Slap Your Coworker Day

The Perfect Couple

Old Man's Job Application

Life Stinks Without You

Are You Dirty Minded?

Dr. Seuss on Aging

How to Treat a Rude Customer

Throw a Water Balloon

Bad Pick Up Lines

Bra Sizes

The Perfect Dress

Most Powerful Word (PG)

Pig Drawing Test

The Not So Easy Quiz

Funny Bra Sizes

You're Guilty of Friend Neglect

Beautiful Pictures Gallery

Signs You Have Grown Up

Belated Birthday UFOs 

Celebrity in Cake for Him

Celebrity in Cake for Her

King Kong - Anything 4 U

From the White House

Kick Start Your Day

Naming the Baby

Dancing Arnold Schwarzenegger

Man's Remote Control 4 Women

Redneck Cartoon

Nothing is Hotter than You

Groundhog Day Prank

Cheney Goes Hunting

The Right Guy for You

No Sissy Crap - Friendship (PG)

PG Rated Tongue Twisters (PG)

Big Honkers Get You Hired (PG)

Ghetto Spelling Bee

Zero Gravity

Weird Facts Vol. 5

Churches in Las Vegas

Born in the 70s or Older

Men Prefer Guns Over Women

Respect Our Troops

For Those With Kids

Ultimate Roller Coaster

The Pillsbury Doughboy Died


Men Are Happier People

While Hunting...

Facts to Ponder

Male vs Female Sports

Neat Words Info

One of Those Days

Happy Summer

Funny Oxymorons

Little Johnny's Drawing

Proof that Sex is Fun

Men Strike Back

Roaches with Cancer

Losing Your Birthday

What Are You Doing?

If Women Ruled the World

Can You Guess the Gender?

Your Business Zodiac Sign

Maxine for President

Man Laws

Top 7 Biggest Idiots of 2006

Girls Gone Wild Prank

His and Her Diaries

What I Want in a Man

Double Meanings


Complete Funny Jokes, Funny Greeting Cards, and Flash funpages index / Myspace Calendars

Funny Pictures

Too Much Water

I've Been Cloned

The Skid Mark

Hilarious Pets Gallery

Bear in the Woods

Don't Eat the Chili

"I'm Dead Sexy"

..Morning Breath

Finger Lickin' Good

Fat Cat

Hot Chick Under the Car

The Giant Bra

Very Smart Deer

Now THAT is Cold!

Your Twin

Bin Laden's Baby Picture

Funny Pacifiers

The Mammogram

Larry King

Hell Frozen Over

Big Feet

A Can of Whoop Ass


Morning Paper

What Women Want

NUTS About You

Turkey Tan Line

Political Bologna

Times Have Changed

Bad Hair Day

Bee on the Nose

Really Big Beer

Buried in the Sand

New Public Urinals

Don't Bother Me

One Sexy Mama

We Got Saddam

Why I was Late for Work

Jaws is Everywhere

Hillary & the Mad Baby

Make My Friends Fat

Yes, It's a Woman

World's Longest Tongue

Redneck on a Hot Date

The Butthead

Optical Illusions

I Wish These Were Brains

I Think I Crapped My Pants

Turn Off the Pipes

Cat Who Saw You Naked

The Party Cat

Man's Remote Control

Attack of the Birds

The Perfect Male

Too Much Caffeine

Trying to Lose Weight

Monkeying Around

Hold My Calls

I'm All Ears

Which Cat Ate Prozac?

You Are My Yarn

Living on the Edge

I'll Keep Staring at You

The Coke Addict

The Man-O-Gram

Redneck Swimming Pools

 I'm in Hog Heaven

Just Wanted to Say Hi

PLEASE Email Me Back

The Patriotic Dog

Thanks for Making Me Smile

Only One Glass of Alcohol

If You Look Close Enough

A Boss is Like a Diaper (PG)

That Wasn't Chicken

Before & After 6 Beers

This Poor Guy

The Other Side


Another Reason not to Pass Out

Don't Burn Your Weiner (PG)

Your Baby Photo

Don't Give Your Child Markers

You've Got Male

Out of Toilet Paper

Toilet of the Future

Miss Me?

A Rack or a Crack?

Helping Ugly People Get Dates

The Dumb Dog

Why the Pepsi Guy got Fired

Redneck on the Jury

Magical Wishing Well

The Redneck Jedi

Slightly Offensive Pics (PG)

20 Hilarious Redneck Pictures

The Butt Gut

Redneck Recliner

Adorable Baby Hedgehog

Slightly Mature Pics (PG)

Evolution of Man & Woman

Crunches Build Honkers

Biggest Mouth Ever


Having a Really Bad Day

Looks Can Be Deceiving

Why You Shouldn't Carpool

If Dads Raised the Kids (PG)

Microsoft in 1978

Chick with Big Knockers Prank

Funny Optical Illusion  (PG)

Revenge of the Cheated On

Rude & in a Bad Mood (PG)

Terrorists, Saddam

Bad Eyes (PG)

Your Cheating Wife (PG)

She Uses Duct Tape

The Yacking Kid

Kid in Toilet

Hunting Season

Turkey Attacks Bush

Nun Snowball Fight

Your Biggest Fan

Put a Smile on Your Face

Bush Goes Undercover

THAT'S Using Your Head

Keeping Your Mouth Shut

Hilarious Pets Gallery

Cute Pets Gallery

A Clever Tattoo

Reason #3 Not to Pass Out

THAT'S a lot of Snow!

Hilarious Church Sign

A Spy Among Us

Ready for the Weekend

Mini Bush

Play a Prank on Your Friends

Really Kinky Mice

The Ultimate Housewife

The Creative Plumber

Fastest Way to Get Cancer

Redneck Palm Pilot

Protection Against Viruses

Redneck Birthday Cake

A Towel or a Dog?

Women: Hazardous Materials

Geezer Wearing Wal-Mart Bag

How I Feel Today

Blondes in Bikini Contest

Back Sweat or Pee?

Mean Clouds

How to Spot a Rich Guy

A Crazy Toilet

Amazing Sand Castles

If Women Made Calendars

Greatest Door Knocker

World's Biggest Hamburger

You Too Buddy (PG)

A Really Dumb Duck

Sleeping During Class

An Amazing Rock

Have You Been This Tired?

Amazing USA Formation

Amazing Strength

A Mouse is in the Printer

17 more Awesome Redneck Pics

Email Me Back!!!!

Ok, So I'm a Fat Slob

Waiting for the Perfect Man

Scary Alien Baby

Storm Troopers in the Restroom

Funny Tattoos

Who Should Be On Top

A Really Bad Hair Day

Geezers Gone Wild

Which One is the Female?

Gallery of Freaks

Gallery of Weirdoes

Gallery of Unusual Photos

The World's Ugliest Cats

A Weird Place to Sleep

A Really Bad Day

Bra Sizes

Waiting for the Perfect Man

Crime Scene of a Drunk

Never Leave Cats Unattended

Grossest Eye Trick Ever

Funny Wedding Cake Topper

Hi-Tech Redneck

Gross Ladybug

Ghetto Chicks in da Hood

World's Ugliest Dog

Amazing Art Sculptures

The Worst Tattoo Ever

He Really Had to Go!

Crazy Boob Face

Latesha Ruins Casual Friday

Beautiful Pictures Gallery

Gallery of Funny Jack-O-Lanterns

Gallery of Funny Pet Costumes

Another Blonde Parking Job

Fattest Dog Ever

Too Much Sun!

Cool Stairs Illusion

Another Redneck Hot Tub

Redneck Theme Park Ride

Male Horses Do It Too

The Fluffiest Kitten Ever

Friends in Many Shapes & Sizes

Animals Serving Fast Food

Cheney Goes Hunting

Would You Use This Toilet?

Don't Drink and Drive

World's Hairiest Man

The Right Guy for You

Hang in There

Amazing Truck Art

Hillary Clinton KFC Sign

Tell Her It's a Mushroom

Roller Coaster - Pee Pants

Ronald McDonald's Arrest

Going Out in Style

The Fattest Giraffe Ever

The Redneck Flag Pole

Don't Shoot!

Late for Work

Anti-American Rally - Priceless

The Parrot Orchid

While Hunting...

Candy from Strangers

Funny Mustaches

Ugliest Cat Ever

Drunk Crossing Sign

Male vs Female Sports

Funny Cakes

One of Those Days

Never Fart in a Wet Suit

Shaq's Breakfast

The Mooning Shrub

Not - So - Level Soccer Field

A Crappy Haircut

The Fattest Car Ever

Sticking Your Foot in Your Mouth

A Really Long Neck

The Awesome Power of Ab-Man

Computer Flower Pots

Need Toilet Paper Badly!

Just Trying to Fit In

Laughing at You

Kitty Rockers

Old Super Heroes

World's Ugliest Pets

A Hungry Hamster

Barbequed Wieners

Evil Easter Bunny

Puppy on a Pole

Messy Kids

A Bouquet of Kittens

Super Dogs - Batdog & Yoda

Kitty Rockers

Little Johnny's Drawing

Photoshop Baby

See-Through Skirts

Seagull Attack at the Horse Track

The Perfect Woman

Jessica and Ashley Simpson

The Helpful Officer


Geeky Keyboard Car

Roaches with Cancer

The Morbid Snowman

The Thirsty Kitty

Historical Cats

Nighttime Prayer

If Women Ruled the World

Going to Heaven

The Military Squirrel

Cool Melon Owl

Popping Zits

Zen Cat

The Toilet Monster

Where Babies Come From

The Sesame Street Mafia

I'm Pooped

Alcohol Research

Baseball not FACE-BALL

My Kind of Tutor

Biggest Mess Ever

Squashed by a Hippo

Soccer Ball to the Face

The Drunken Groom

Weed Eating Around a Drunk

Hey Geeks, Get a Girlfriend

The Confused Mouse

A Great Ashtray

Being Prepared at Port-a-Potty

Hope She Was Worth It

Fake Garage Door Cover

Fat Baby Mouse

Mom Has a Big Butt

Evolution of  Man's Life

Fun with Clouds

New Uses for Old Phones

Hands in the Clouds

You're a Homo

Redneck Wind Chime

Baby from God

Girly Darth Vader Costume

Writing with Your Pee

Baby with a Mohawk

New Meaning for "Drive - Thru"

That Poor Dog

The Dumpkin

The Snow Kitten

The Hair Bikini

Awesome Pumpkin Carvings

Animal Racism

Planning Ahead

The Double Standard

Why People Move South

More Amazing Sand Castle Sculptures

The Husband Came Home Early

Unusual Kitten Holder

The Doggie Backpack

Hanging from a Cliff

Victoria's Secret's Sexy Dog Model

The Upset Elephant

Don't Tell Anybody (Dog & Cat)

Snow Snorkeling

A Pure Idiot

The Ass Mailbox

The High Fiving Cat

Scarred for Life

No Fat Chicks

A Perfect Pair

The Rocket Farter

The Hairiest Hamster

An Inaccurate Forecast

Beer Holders

Opposites Attract

Photo Taken with Flash

A Dog's Worst Nightmare

Just What You Always Wanted

P. Diddy Sneaks a Peek

Happy Animals

The Football-Shaped Bird

The Perfect Wife

Britney Spears Shaved Her Head

A New Type of Sea Horse

Where the Rainbow Leads

Torturing Someone at the Beach

Man, I Miss College

The Cat Wears the Pants

Funny Clothing Label

Amazing Paper Art

Full of Apples

1st Runner Up at the Ugliest Dog Convention

Hamsters Hangin' Out

Do One Brave Thing Today

A Bathroom Designed for College

Kitty Got Some Cake

Who Needs Airbags With Those?

Modern Bikinis Prove Global Warming

Woody Popper on the Dance Floor

Stuff Babies Can Relate To

Woman Climbs Onto Copier

The Booty Chair

The Definition of Frustration

The World's Biggest Dogs

The World's Smallest Monkey

The Classic Photo Ruiners

Girls Gone Wild Prank

The Great Paint Explosion

Funny Cop Warning Sign

The Tampax Dam

Women Can't Park

Use Rear Entrance

Have You Seen This Man?

Cool Street Painting

Good to the Last Drop

Don't Take the Kids and Cat Rafting

How the Dog Ruined the Photo of the Kids

Bikini Babes and Bikini Broads

The Unlucky Polar Bear

Art Made from Rubik's Cubes

A Tough Day at the Office

World's Worst Hunting Dog

Why Cats Don't Like Water

Reluctant Pet Friends

The Asian Kitty

Why America is So Fat

Cannibal Dogs

Sicko Exhibit

Now THAT is Protection

The Car Thong

When a Crane Tips Over

The Longest Hair in the World

The Biggest Sponge Bob Fan

Third World School Bus

The Lettuce Bikini

The Cactus Eating Cat

Funny Cubicle Prank

Lucky Cat

Worst Parking Ever

If Paris Hilton Was a Dog

The Hottie and the Giant Rooster

Worst Background Face Ever

About to Get Hit in the Face

Stuck in a Truck

Cheating Boyfriend Revenge

High Soccer Kick

Double Dunk by a Babe!

A Very Flexible Girl

Bush and Baby Scare Each Other

Nice Fruity Juicy Butts

Just Hanging Out

Biggest Speed Bump Ever

Cat Butt Tattoo

Scary Face Tattoo

Funny T-Shirt About Marriage

No Time for Bathroom Breaks

The Perfect Dog

The Ultimate Frat Prank

Pirates Knocked Up Shrek

Soldier Sneaks a Peek

Roller Coaster Scared to Death

The Redneck Houseboat

The Dog and The Pot Bellied Pig

Redneck Weenie Roast

Who's Feeding Who?

Redneck Satellite TV

The Big Mouth Mouse

Worst Mohawk Ever

Benches and Hoes

Surfing Acrobatics

Computer Geek Tattoo

The Cat Got a Manicure

The First One to Blink Loses

The Key to Life is Balance

Scary Biceps Guy

Butthead of the Year Candidate

Another Scorned Girlfriend's Revenge

I Feel Much Safer Now

Kid with Hops

The Definition of a Jackass

The Trendy Dog

The Redneck Timeout

Lazy Parenting

Freaky Knife Guy

Monopoly Playing Cat

Barry Bonds Before Steroids

Bear on the Golf Course

Crazy Internet Nerd

Backwards Boobs Lady

Walking the Dog

Great Stop Smoking Ad

I'm Poopin

The Perv Kitty

The Kitty Techie

Redneck Hotmail

The Dog and the Toilet Paper

The Boobs Test

The Evolution of Britney Spears

The Nerdiest Tattoo Ever

Putting the Girlfriend to Work

The Dog's Revenge

Guide for Men

Surrender Furry One!

It's Too Early for this Crap!

I Hate My Job

Homer Simpson Crop Circles

Grossman is Better as a Receiver

Sports Nuts Are Going to Hell

Best Dog Costume Ever

Longest Hair in the World

Is This What Heaven Looks Like?

No Pictures Please

Redneck Stretched Limo

A Tough Landing Coming Up

The Nagging Lion Wife

Life is Short, Get a Divorce

Smelly Shoes Killed the Cat

All Aboard!

Funny Hungry Chipmunk

If Harry Potter was Goth

Ultimate Ex-Girlfriend Revenge

Hillary Clinton Nutcracker

Computer Beer Dispenser

The Natural Thong

Gross Thirsty Baboon

Bathroom for Gamer Geeks

The Incredible Hulk Plant

Beware of Natural Ice Man

Dog Saying Grace

Ugliest Animal in the World

I Love to Fart

Great Rest Stop Ad

Unicycling the Grand Canyon

Why I Don't Scuba Dive

Poor Plumber

Why the Umbrella?

Hot Air Balloon Crash

Asking for Trouble

Heck of a Night

Korean Bathroom Sign

Cutest Kitten Ever?

Really Bad Poker Face

Bull Riding Monkey

Iraqi Photo Shoot

The Toast that went Wrong

Kitties in the Coffee

Lions Building Snowmen

Cat Playing Nintendo DS

The English Language

Cheating Hurts

Greedy Kids

Little Boys Enjoying the View

Dancing with Cats

Cat with Baby Skunks

That's Asking A Little Bit Too Much

The Pigeon Attack

Poor Kitty!

Buddies Stick Together

Painful Baseball Slide

The Tattoo Addict

The Cheap Seats

How to Get Great Abs

Cats in Heaven

The Dog Staring Contest

A Bad Start to the Honeymoon

The World's Largest Bra

High Fiving a Squirrel

The Gay Test

Hedgehogs Adopted by a Brush

Myspace Clocks / Myspace Birthday Tickers

Funny Holiday Pictures


Sexy Santa

Purr-fect Holiday

Puking Pumpkin

Santa Not Delivering

Markers for Christmas

Don't Drink and Fly

A Reindeer Misunderstanding

How Eggnog was Invented

Cutest Costume Ever

Is that an Airbag?

It Sucks for Snowmen

Nuts Elvis

How to Rob a Snowman

Watch Out, Santa!

Trick-or-Treating Dogs

Rudolph's Revenge

Santa's Snow Angel

Sesame Street Thanksgiving

Santa is Dead

Catching Snowflakes

Turkey Tan Line

Santa Needs the Antidote

Baby Snowman Pee

Turkeys that Moo

Where Icicles Come From

Santa's Accident

And Now... the Stuffing

Naughty or Nice?

Elves Won the Lottery

Reindeer Brakes

Making Snow Babies

Reindeer Evaluation Day

Santa's Wreck

A Dog's Christmas

Holiday Overdose

Why Snowmen Hate Dogs

The Easter Pug


A Snowman's Funeral

Easter Bunny's Rude Awakening

The Bunny with No Ears

Beat It Kid!

Where Easter Eggs Come From

Easter Baby

A Christmas  Tree's Funeral

My Butt Hurts

April Fools

Gallery of Funny Jack-O-Lanterns

Gallery of Funny Pet Costumes

Witch with a "Full Moon"

I Think this Means No Candy

Gallery of Funny Halloween Costumes

Funny Costumes - The Super Sperm







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